The Dark Knees

The Dark Knees

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Let’s talk dark spots, uneven skin tone, and discoloration; how embarrassing can these skin issues be!  My knees became a huge embarrassment for me, as they began to worsen over time. I wasn't sure at first how to stop them from getting worse, they became undeniably noticeable and extremely itchy. I used to put makeup over the blemishes especially for photoshoot because as a model having this sort of skin issue can be frowned upon. I even attempted bleaching creams and researched YouTube for home remedies, nothing worked! The marks came about from a morning ritual that consisted of prayer, meditation, yoga, and affirmations.  As you can imagine some of these practices involved some movement on flooring, which caused these terrible dark rashes on my knees. Although, they developed during a time of restoration in my life's journey, I still was very insecure about the discoloration.  It didn't occur to me that though I was gaining spiritual enlightenment, physically I was damaging apart of my body, my knees to be exact. From this acknowledgment, I decided to use this opportunity to make myself a test subject. I documented my progress with the use of Melabutta's body butter for a three-month period. I was overwhelmed by the outstanding results the change was dramatic and motivated me to share Melabutta with the world, especially those who experience skin-discoloration issues as I have. Therefore, I encourage those of you who resonate with this blog post to experience the healing power of Melabutta's body butter, to get you started here is 10% off coupon code at checkout "ByeByeBlemishes"! As always thank you all for your support on the #MB journey! Please share you experiences with us! 

Peace & Love to you all! 


RAJAH, Raynique Janielle 

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I have neuropathy in my feet. To stop the tingling sensation from the neuropathy, I’ve been using the hemp and eucalyptus body butter. It relieves the tingling sensation in my feet and keeps my feet soft as well. I recommend this product for relief and relaxation for your feet.

Lisa Smith

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