CEO Letter

CEO Letter

What inspired me to create a natural skincare line?

I never use to moisturize. I was always “too busy”, or so I thought because how can you ever be too busy to not take a mela-moment with yourself? When you take a mela-moment with yourself, you are able to intentionally hear your needs and wants. It wasn’t until I created my own natural skincare products in 2019 as an enlisted soldier in the U.S. Army, that I began to hear myself. I noticed how I began to transform mentally, physically, and spiritually. I loved what MELABUTTA did for me. (which was originally labeled MELACREAM, lol even the brand name transformed). From that point on, I passed out samples because I wanted everyone to experience how I felt. I felt loved, warmth, and comfort. I felt heard and validated by me. I felt safe within my own company, which use to be a very unfamiliar feeling for me, to feel safe. As I began to love myself more it became a standard for me to always feel this way. Therefore, after years of growth, research, and development I am thrilled to announce the launch of my very own natural skincare line, MELABUTTA. Starting off with my first born MELABUTTA’s Body Butter. Thank you for taking the time out to read our blog post today here’s a 10% coupon off your first order use code “MELAMOMENT” at check out. 


RAJAH, Raynique Janielle 



Mela-moment a time of mindfulness dedicated to self, because you are always worth it and definitely deserve it. 

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