Lavender Lush Collection

Experience a calm self-care getaway with our fresh Spring Collection Lavender Lush Body Butter, Sugar Scrub, Bar Soap and a calming rush body oil to elevate your self-care ritual.

Lavender Lush
  • Lavender Lush Sugar Scrub

    Cane Sugar Formulated with Cocoa and Shea Butter integrated with Lavender Tea and fresh Flaxseed Gel for the ultimate creamy exfoliator

  • Lavender Lush Duo

    Body Oil & Butter combination like Silk with Shea Butter, paired with Herbal Lavender Blend Oil for a Portable Radiant Glow

  • Lavender Lush Bar Soap

    Transform your bathing experience with the refreshing Lavender Lush Bar Soap Crafted with natural ingredients

Our mission is to invoke mindfulness and stillness within oneself through natural skincare.